Committee Members

We need volunteers in allĀ areas. Please contact one of the following if you would like to help out:

  • Pat Curtis (867-4445)[email protected]
  • David Hopkins (867-4647)[email protected]
  • Laura Jermann (867-4878)[email protected]
  • Nan Lee (867-4660)[email protected]
  • Kate Quinn (867-4781)[email protected]
  • Maggie Salter(867-2068)[email protected]
  • Lisa Shields (867-4894) [email protected] is the Treasurer of the Art Association and should be contacted with any financial questions.
  • BonnieĀ Waterman (867-2264)[email protected]
  • Claire Williams (867-2248)[email protected]
  • Phoebe-Jane Winthrop (867-4721)[email protected]